First name: Wei Li

Country: Malaysia

Studies: TOA - Illustration in comics

About you:
Question : You are from Selangor in Malaysia. Malaysia is known for its wonderful landscapes; did they inspire you for your drawings? Tell us more about the city where you live.

weiliwonka : Yes. It does though it's not a heavy influence to my drawings, however the way we think here is different and is naturally interpreted in my art as well. The city I live in is really fast paced, and a little conservative BUT the food is really lovely here, you guys should come visit!

Question : You mentioned that you studied at TOA, what kind of school is it more precisely? What options did you chose?

weiliwonka : TOA stands for The One Academy of Communication Design. It's a reknown art college especially in Malaysia. To be honest, it really opened my eyes to art, cause I've never really been brought up with art based culture or anything like that. I chose to major in illustration in comics. However there are other art majors available here as well.

Question : On your blog you say that you are working on a children book. Can we know more about this project? Is it personal or is it ordered by a client or an editor?

weiliwonka : Oh, actually that is my ultimate goal to create my very own children book. For the moment, i do launch my own mini series of artworks that are made into booklets. The recent one that I just launched is my 'A truly stereotypical series’. The series consist of 8 typical high school/college stereotypes. With each illustration comes a humourous depiction of how they are, their likes and dislikes. And no, it is just a personal project that I gave myself.

Question : You also say that you like collecting strange items, this is very puzzling. What kind of items do you collect?

weiliwonka : HAHAHA. Well , let's just say i appreciate the usually unappreciated or deemed ugly. I like the really strange expressions or 'ugly' faces or illustrations. (these items could be anything).

Question : You like storytelling, what kind of stories? Do you write or do you prefer illustrating your thoughts?

weiliwonka : I love storytelling , I love telling personal stories with a twist of fantasy. With the occasional, down to earth storyline. As for writing or illustrating, I do both. I use a personal diary to jot down stories , descriptions for my next piece whereas my sketchbook is filled with thumbnails or rough idea sketches least I forget the idea itself.

About your art:
Question : We see on Pixelitist that your paintings are mostly digital. Have you always painted with digital techniques?

weiliwonka : Ah, yes most of my paintings are coloured digitally however, most of my line-art are done traditionally as I like the feel of it more. No, i have never used digital medium before. I recently started around 2 years ago because of college.

Question : Some of your drawings use a line-art (lines around shapes), some do not. Do you have a preference between those two techniques?

weiliwonka : I have a strong preference towards line-art as I usually use pen to draw. It began as a habit after a lecturer said 'stop being so cowardly! Just use your pen. So what if you make a mistake? You'll remember it longer this way!'

Question : Your drawings are quite varied: SDs, realistic and imaginative paintings. What kind do you like most? Are some of them works for your school?

weiliwonka : Yes, I do like exploring in terms of drawing. As a student I’m still taking baby steps to brush up my art sense. My favourite kind at the moment is definitely flat style. Yes, some of my submissions are school assignments.

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What is your favorite artist on Pixelitist? Can you explain why?

weiliwonka : I don't have a particular favourite sorry! But there are many pieces that I like here. The conceptual pieces are the ones I like best

Question : What do you think about a partnership between Pixelitist and your school?

weiliwonka : I think my school would be open to it as a place for their students to showcase their works online and get known.

Question : What known illustrator/painter would you like to be invited on Pixelitist?

weiliwonka : SCOTTIE YOUNG! he's one of my favourite, OH OH! AND EMILY CARROLL! PLEASE!

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