Thanks for your visit and comment.
bielebny 06/06/19 5:14 PM
Hello Oliver, Thank for your Welcome' message! My Art coming soon, check and Pixelise if you like it.. See you soon!
Asphyxious Blackhole 01/18/16 6:51 PM
Thanks for passing by my account and give me a warm welcome... you have lovely works too by the way!
Galle 11/06/15 2:59 PM
Sorry, I was wrong to put a picture too small .. I would like to delete it and put the drawing of the exact size, but the drawings can not be deleted ... can you help me?
Lorenzo 07/17/13 5:26 PM
I just wanted to give thanks to your amazing work on this site. It's been an honor to join Pixelitist. I respect your commitment to improve this page and I have nothing else to say but to be more than satisfied with its result. Good job man! -bofeng
bofeng 06/08/13 5:23 PM
you have a great album!!
Jac 06/05/13 9:19 PM
hi! i would like to know what is the "promote" button near the "give pixels" button, thanks :)
Spighy 05/26/13 3:16 PM
thanks for invite me :) this website is really fun and original!
Spighy 03/30/13 2:17 PM
thanks for the invite. i feel that this website actually pushed me to refine my works to finer level so that i can post them up to show the rest.
CGlas 03/25/13 8:34 PM
Thanks for the invite homie
MindStateFree 03/18/13 4:28 AM
I like your Pixelitist website and admire the high quality of the " PIXELARTISTS" !
lordtheelder 02/20/13 11:42 PM
again, thanks for inviting me to this unique type of art gallery. this is such a fun way to publish and share artwork. -bofeng
bofeng 02/20/13 10:39 PM
Great works :)
Miranda 02/14/13 12:36 PM