First name: Sean

Country: Singapore

Studies: Nanyang polytechnic

About you:
Question : First of all, please describe us the place where you live. How is life there?

Narandel : I live on the sunny island country of Singapore. Life here is pretty good. Apart from the hot weather, I'd say it's one of the best places to live in. The food here is good and you can find just about any delicacy in the world in Singapore. The art industry here is getting alot of support as well, so that's really awesome. 

Question : You say that you study at the Nanyang Polytechnic university. What subjects do you study? 

Narandel : I studied Digital Media Design (Games) at Nanyang Polytechnic. In that course, i learned things like storyboarding, game level design, digital painting, matte painting, 3d modelling, 3d animation, life drawing and also some video editing, but at the very basic level.

Question : On your profile we read that you do some freelance works. How do your find your clients? What kind of drawings do they order you?

Narandel : Usually, clients will approach me through my DeviantArt profile or email. They will send me project briefs which usually contains the name of the project and also what kind of work they would want me to do. Usually i get projects that require me to do alot of environment and background design. However i have also done freelance work that isn't related to video games, such as music album design, t-shirt design, web design etc.

Question : Do you plan being a professional digital painter specialised on landscapes?

Narandel : The answer to that is a definite No. As a concept artist, you should not be tied to only doing landscapes/environments as it will limit the kind of job scopes that you can take on. I can do character design, prop design and product design as well. The only reason why i have so much environment work in my gallery is because i learned digital painting through designing environments, and it was something that i was always interested in. I'm not saying that it's bad to just focus on environments as a concept artist, i know guys that do that and are successful in their career, however if you're just starting to  carve out a career in the industry, it's best to not be limited with your job scopes.

Question : What is the most important skill for an artist, from your point of view?

Narandel : I think that as an artist, the most important skill to have would be a strong understanding of the fundamentals of drawing and design. Such as understanding perspective, light, values, colours and shapes. Having a good foundation will definitely help you in the long run to become a better artist/designer.

About your art:
Question : Your drawings on Pixelitist are mostly landscapes. Have you always drawn landscapes?

Narandel : As i have mentioned previously, the answer to that is No. I also draw characters, props, set design and product design as well from time to time. Just that i have never really uploaded them online. Some of my works are also licensed to game developers, so they cant be uploaded online until the game has been released.

Question : Your landscapes are sometimes urban, sometimes natural related. Does city or nature inspire most for your work?

Narandel : I am pretty much inspired by anything i see around me. I love nature and architecture as they give me inspiration for my works. It's good to have a visual library in your head especially when you're doing design work. It makes your job so much easier, and you dont have to rely so much on sites such as google to find images. Sometime's watching a movie or reading a book will give me inspiration as well.

Question : Your works often show an enigmatic or mysterious ambient. Have you been in such places for real to get inspiration?

Narandel : Not really, though i wished that such places do actually exist in the real world, it would definitely be an awesome experience to visit them. Most of my work's are based on the kind of mood that i'm trying to express in the painting. Example if i wanted the scene to have a very mysterious ambient, i would try and think of colour combination's that would work for that mood. Then i would experiment on how i could light the scene to put the idea across.

Question : What kind of brushes do you use for your works?

Narandel : It's a question that i have gotten alot in the past, and something that i would like to clarify as well. I don't really use any fancy brushes because i feel that the brush you use doesn't actually matter at all. I use the default photoshop chalk brush that comes with any version of photoshop to paint most of my work. Other than that, sometime's i use a square brush or round soft brush as well for things like light. I also have leave and tree brushes, but that's about it. At the end of the day, you need to understand that fancy brushes won't save or make your painting look good. If you're an artist that's just starting out, i'd definitely recommend using the default photoshop brushes to learn your fundamentals before proceeding to trying out custom brushes. For the first year when i just started out, i was painting and drawing using the default round brush and chalk brush in photoshop. It wasn't until the second year that i started to experiment with custom brushes.

Question : How do you apply lights on your drawings? Your lighting skills are very interesting.

Narandel : I like to think of light as water. Imagine spilling a glass of water on your canvas. Now picture where all the water droplets would go to. Add in the fundamentals of how light works and reflects on different surfaces, values and colour and also the light source, and that's pretty much how i light my scenes. There are many ways on how you can light your scene's and i'm also still in the process of learning new methods. I use the colour dodge tool alot for painting in light. It's a really useful tool that can make or kill your painting depending on how you use it.

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What is your favourite artist on Pixelitist?

Narandel : I think Yu-Han is a really good artist. She has some really good works in her gallery and her technique to painting portraits are just so amazing. They give off both a traditional and digital feel to them. Definitely my favourite artist on Pixelitist at the moment.

Question : What is from your point of view different on Pixelitist compared to other websites?

Narandel : I think the idea of having a point system and arena is really unique, and it's something that i haven't seen much on other art sites. I also like the idea that you are able to give points to the works which you feel are good, as this rewards the artist that have put in hard work and effort to contributing to the website.

Question : Which artist would you like to see invited on Pixelitist?

Narandel : I'd defintiely like to see someone like Artgerm or Kekai Kotaki get invited to join Pixelitist, that would be awesome :)

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