First name: Radina

Country: Bulgaria

Studies: Design at VFU

About you:
Question : You said you were from Varna in Bulgaria. Tell us a bit about this city.

RoniArt : Yes, I live in Bulgaria. It is a small, but very beautiful country. We have amazing nature and cities full of a long history and traditions. Varna is one of those cities. It is situated on the Black sea cost, which makes it a very popular destination during the summer.

Question : What kind of studies have you done?

RoniArt : My bachelor degree was taken in Varna too. I studied “Space Design” in Varna Free University .This specialty gave me many opportunities. Through the years we studied a modern techniques, programs and methods in the field of the advertisement and art to make something new and creative. Of course, painting, a constant part of my daily life, has changed too. Thanks to Photoshop I learnt to paint in digital art. CorelDraw and 3D MAX are the other two programs we worked with.

Question : What is the most important thing you have learnt during your art studies?

RoniArt : The most important thing I have learnt during my studies is to be steady and to follow my own dreams.

Question : You said on Pixelitist that you are a designer. What kind of clients do you work for?

RoniArt : At the moment I work as a graphic designer for “Intergolf International” . My responsibility is to create the branding of the company. This is not easy profession. My tasks require full concentration and dedication. The fact that I love my job is giving me the strength to cope with my tasks.

Question : Your website displays many of your skills using software (Photoshop, Illustrator, 3Ds max). Do you use all these tools at work? Which is your favorite one?

RoniArt : My work is directly related with those three programs. Of course, my favorite one is Photoshop. Work with it is easy and very pleasant and painting with tablet gives me a huge pleasure.

About your art:
Question : You posted on Pixelitist a varied set of drawings, using digital and traditional techniques. Do you prefer digital or traditional drawing? What are for you the pros and cons of each one?

RoniArt : I have interests in fine arts all my life. It is a constant part of it and this is my way of expression. I started working with Digital Art two years ago. I fell in love with this style, because there are no borders for you. If you want you can create a whole new world. I cannot say which of both, fine art or digital art, I prefer the most, because for me there are no minuses in the techniques of painting.

Question : You also showed us some black and white drawings, in opposition to colorful paintings. How can you explain this difference? Do you have a personal preference?

RoniArt : I use the black and white technique when I want the image to have more depth, while in colors the emotion and the sensation are on first place. Every color can provoke a specific reaction to people and that’s exactly where is hidden the art to be able to use it. Very often I make one painting in two versions, just because I do not have specific preference for one of them.

Question : We noticed a particular artwork in the gallery, representing a creature half medusa half woman. What can you say about this piece of art? How did you get this idea?

RoniArt : For me this is very romantic painting. The grace and the finesse in a dance of one ballet-dancer, combine with easy moves of the medusa made me think of the idea to unite them in one different and full of mystique painting. I strive in my art to create things that human cannot see in reality, but things that can make him to think about it and to find out a part of himself in it.

Question : There is an important Japanese influence in your drawings. Do you have some specific likes about Japan?

RoniArt : The Asian culture and art fascinated me from first sight. The way they express the details and draw a breath of life is amazing. In my work I learn from them too, because in advertisement I have to aspire myself with least words to say as much as I can, and Japanese are world famous with their graphics.

Question : Are you available for commissions? Art trades?

RoniArt : I have to sell paintings, but for friends, I don’t take money.

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What is your favorite artist on Pixelitist?

RoniArt : I don’t have favorite artist, I have favorite paintings. It is difficult of choose one or two, because everyone has talent.

Question : What do you like most on Pixelitist, comparing to other art websites?

RoniArt : The invitation for Pixelitst was a huge compliment for me and I take with gladness. I think Battle Arena is my favorite. Clear design that allows visitors to focus on the most important - pictures

Question : What known illustrator/painter would you like to be invited on Pixelitist?

RoniArt : Everyone deserves to be included with Battle of pixels. To test his/her skills and enjoy the beautiful gallery.

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