First name: Maja

Country: Poland

Studies: Advertisement design

About you:
Question : You say that you were living in Poland, have you always been there?

Kirinoru : Yes. I live in the same country and city from birth : )

Question : How life in Poland is nowadays, is it a good place to get inspiration for your artworks?

Kirinoru : For now it is hard to live there because of the crisis but this does not prevent in creating. I think inspirations are always around us, no matter where we are. I am also most interested in fantasy and psychological themes. And of course there is internet which opens the gates to the whole world.

Question : Do you live in a big city or in little town? Try to describe the everyday landscape around you.

Kirinoru : I live in a big agglomeration, near to big cities but in fact I was born in a small district of a small town. Behind my house I have my own big and beautiful garden, with apple trees, raspberry bushes, flowers, vegetables and everything. Also I have a field (it is overgrown with weeds, trees and grasses) I spent there my childhood playing with brothers in the stories invented by us. But from my window I have a view of the power station chimneys which is on the same street ; ) I like this mix of monumental urban near to nature sanctuary. Anyway, Upper Silesia is the largest industrial district in Poland and most of landscape looks like this:

Question : Do you have any artists in your family or are you the only one to paint and draw?

Kirinoru : My mom is a floral designer and I have one cousin who is studying art. So maybe I have something artistic in genes ; )

Question : Where is the best place (or room in a house) for you to paint? Why?

Kirinoru : I draw everywhere and whenever I can but the best place is of course desk in my bedroom. It’s obvious. It’s simply comfortable to have all tools near, computer, music or glass of milk. But I was also on a few open-air painting and I found it very magical.

Question : You mentioned in your blog that you were studying in an art school for visual advertising. Are you planning a career in advertisement or do you think that your studies are the best way to get a job as illustrator for any kind of mission?

Kirinoru : Visual advertising is in fact graphic design (I really don’t know why they called this like that in my school) I decided to study graphic design because it is very useful today. Moreover this direction is associated with the illustration branch and illustrator is my dream job. I hope that I would be able to combine commercial work with private commissions. For now it works.

Question : You also said on Pixelitist that you were working for Doggi Games as freelancer. Tell us more about this website, what is it exactly about? What is your role as a freelancer?

Kirinoru : It’s a social game where we can breed dogs of various breeds : ) The most interesting part is genetics which makes the dogs are very different. I’m the fourth worker and the only one graphic designer. I’m painting different illustrations, mostly very small (80x80px) mostly for events and when we put new coat colors or ears etc. Soon we will run English version! I really like this job. Especially reading reactions of players after any update : )

About your art:
Question : Firstly, the commonplace question: how many years have you been drawing and painting?

Kirinoru : From when I could hold a pencil ; ) I started painting more often when I began to study in high school art. Previously, I used mostly pencil and pen.

Question : You said that you were studying visual advertising and also working for a website. We suppose that these environments need strong skills about digital drawing or painting. Do you use watercolor for your professional works and studies or do you use them exclusively for your personal works?

Kirinoru : For my actual job traditional skills are unnecessary. However, the fact is that all the arts are interrelated, the only thing you have to is master the tool. At the end of high school I done a diploma of illustration, and it is in mixed media.

Question : Do you remember when you discovered watercolors for the first time? If yes, try to tell us this moment.

Kirinoru : This was the first year of high school and we painted still life. I realized that I really enjoy this technique.. and those little cubes with clear colors… <3 Previously I hated painting because preparations and cleaning after this took up too much time. Watercolors are perfect for my fast and impatient personality ;D

Question : What is for you the hardest thing to deal with in watercolor? Are there any common traps you want to share with us?

Kirinoru : The hardest part is that is rarely possible to fix mistakes. Watercolors require skill in using them. For me it is still problematic because watercolors behave differently on each type of paper. It is important to know how many water and layers we could use. The bad proportion of water and color is the most common problem and only practice could help.

Question : Do you suggest a specific watercolor brand?

Kirinoru : Each brand have their advantages and disadvantages. I use a watercolor of a Polish company Karmański but also Winsor & Newton, Renesans and Ecolines.

Question : Do you suggest a specific kind of paper sheets to use?

Kirinoru : Same here. And I use to many types to mention it :P Paper Selection depends on our pockets and preferences.

Question : One issue showing traditional artworks on the Internet is the respect of colors on computers, how did you deal with that? Do you scan or do you take pictures of your painting with a camera?

Kirinoru : I take pictures with a tripod in my room. Scanners always kills watercolors.

Question : You showed us on Pixelitist varied artworks. We can find portraits, urban shots, Chibis, fantasy stuff and surrealist paintings. Do you have a favorite theme or subject when you paint?

Kirinoru : AWwhhh yes I love new things and experiments that’s why my gallery looks so varied. I never had ‘my style’ or something, I just paint how I like to in the moment. But I think my favourite theme is human with all his emotions and appearance, also I love fantasy things and I love to create my own worlds and stories. It’s my little dream to publish comic or book.. But I think I’m too impatient (especially to draw all the frames and places for text.. and backgrounds.. ) I’m patient and precise only in some part of the day.

Question : Your Facebook page shows some artists that you like. Are they friends or foreign artist you admire and you get some inspiration from?

Kirinoru : I have here one friend, two teachers and another three great artists ;D. I want to be up to date with their news.

Question : While looking at your Deviantart profile, we noticed that you do commissions but they are in stand-by. How do you explain this success about commissions?

Kirinoru : Previously I decided to do point commissions to be accustomed in doing them and to earn points for premium membership. For now I haven’t much time to doing them so I will open commissions in June. I hope so. And for real money because my skills increased slightly since beginning.

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What was your first impression when you joined Pixelitist?

Kirinoru : I was surprised by the form of the gallery, all those rules and arena concept. I liked it. I think it is very unique and well designed place. Also great thing here is that everyone has an equal chance to be noticed.

Question : You seem to be a very varied artist in terms of art spreading : you do art trades, online sells, commissions, collabs and so on … would you be interested to get some of this options integrated on Pixelitist? Which ones mostly?

Kirinoru : I think online sells may fit to Pixelitist. Or just it would be good to give a place for the artist to write something more about himself (personalized profiles) and here he could put informations about his commissions etc.

Question : Now you are at the 9th position in Pixelitist, do you think that getting at the first place will be very challenging for you?

Kirinoru : Now I’m 2th and it’s big surprise for me, especially because my most voted paint is a work for school and my teacher still thinks that I should add more things in it. And I’m not sure if she like it or not ; ) I think there is to many great artist to be on top for long. And here is Aquasixio. Explains everything :D

Question : What is your favorite artist on Pixelitist? Can you explain your choice?

Kirinoru : I think that I still hadn’t discovered half of them. The biggest collection of artist I follow I have on DeviantArt and many of them are also here! <3 I really love works of Aquasixio and R.Firenos (almost each one of their masterpieces) By Pixellitist I discovered wonderful Willow’s illustrations! Also Alantusei and Anna.. oh my I shouldn’t go deeper…

Question : Do you spend your pixels mostly on few artworks, or do you prefer giving some pixels to several drawings?

Kirinoru : It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to raise up something less noticed but which is very good in my taste or sometimes I want to blow up by pixels my favouritest illustrations! (I spent a lot time on the rescue of sexy sardines but they unfortunately disappeared ;_;)

Question : Is there any artist you admire and you would like to be invited on Pixelitist?

Kirinoru : MANY!

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