First name: Chang Lei

Country: China

Studies: Design

About you:
Question : You live in Beijing in China. Is it easy to find a job as illustrator there? What did you study?

changlei96 : I come from Beijing, the historical old city where there are many places of interest to visit. In Beijing, there are a lot of games/CG companies and if you have good painting skills you can easily find a good job with a good salary. I majored in art design, including the game concept design, architectural design, etc…

Question : Are you working now for a company or are you a freelance artist?

changlei96 : I'm a freelance artist

Question : You say on CGHub that you have skills about Photoshop and flash. What kind of projects did you work for using the flash framework?

changlei96 : I made a social game (SNS), some next generation games and for making these games I use FLASH software.

About your art:
Question : How do you get inspiration for your concept drawings? Video games, other artists, other sources?

changlei96 : Yes, for instance the PlayStation 3, the XBox360, the Wii games and the online games on PC. They give me inspiration, I like their concept design. I am used to collect a lot of game data in order to analyze their drawings.

Question : We recognize some of your characters from one drawing to another. Are they part from a specific story?

changlei96 : Yes, that's just a part of the conceptual design of a game character.

Question : We see that you essentially draw characters. Did you try drawing some landscapes, objects or vehicles?

changlei96 : I design the main characters, the monsters, the NPCS, the scenes, the icons, etc … It generally depends on the project requirements.

Question : We see on your Pixelitist gallery digital sketches. Do you do all your drawings using a digital technique, from the sketch to the final shading?

changlei96 : Most of time, yes. Sometimes I also draw paper sketches and then I scan them into the computer.

Question : How many digital brushes do you use for your work? Which ones?

changlei96 : I use PHOTOSHOP software base brushes.

Question : How much time does it take for drawing a character from the beginning to the end?

changlei96 : Time needed for each painting is not the same. If the subject is concept design, it lasts about 3 to 4 days. A full illustration takes about 10 days.

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What do you think about the arena with the pixels voting system?

changlei96 : I think this system is very good, it can promote every artist on Pixelitist.

Question : What is your favorite artist on Pixelitist?

changlei96 : I like many artists on Pixelitist. One of my favorite is Oliverlord.

Question : What known artists would you like to be invited on Pixelitist?

changlei96 : Many of them!

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