First name: Cyril

Country: France

Studies: Psychology

About you:
Question : You live in the south of France. For foreign Pixelitist members, can you briefly describe your region?

Aquasixio : Indeed, I live in the southern France. I think this area is quite famous in the world, judging from the popularity of Saint Tropez, Cassis, Cannes. Landscapes are beautiful and the sun is a precious gift here. However the reality is made of expensive rents, expensive life, shallow people and certain idleness. It's also hard to find a job but I need the sun in my life, so I am happy.

Question : You are a psychologist and psychotherapist, which for the uninitiated may seem very different from the illustration scope. However, on your website you talk about professional art therapy, what is it?

Aquasixio : I hanged back for a long time between the digital art and the psychology domain. When I was 18, I explored those horizons, unknown technically but inside of me, I knew I was interested by psychology and art. I didn't choose digital art because of my lack of self-confidence and my fear to fail. However, both seem to be linked each other. I use the way of drawing in my therapies. Drawing for a child or an adult is a good way to go round the difficulties of verbal expression. Drawing is a kind of regression and can link the person with its inside childhood. Finally, drawing is a representation that none words can describe and lead people to tell a sort of perpetual story.

Question : As a practitioner and self-taught illustrator, how do you share your time between these two activities? Do you paint during evenings or weekends instead?

Aquasixio : The drawing times are quite random due to the risk to get a headache if I stay a long time front to a screen. I draw when there is no patient at work, I prefer drawing during the week ends actually.

Question : You also seem to love music, what kind of songs do you prefer? Do you always draw listening to music?

Aquasixio : I listen to music but I am not an expert. Mostly time, I listen to my HypeMachine or a chillout / electro ambient radio without seeking a specific artist. I’ve listened to Vitalic or Kavinsky for a long time but it's not exclusive. I must confess I can’t wait for the new Daft Punk ... I need music in my ears to motivate me and sometimes get some inspiration.

About your art:
Question : Have you practiced some traditional drawing before moving on to digital painting, or did you start directly using a digital tablet?

Aquasixio : I used to draw at school as everybody. When I started to draw digitally on oekaki boards (little drawings done with paint BBS) it was with a mouse and suffused in a manga style that I didn't know. After some months, my oekakis looked like realist paintings, like a photo, I had fun trying to improve my textures, my light effects... So I tried photoshop 7 then I bought a wacom graphire 3.

Question : Did you use painting tools other than Photoshop?

Aquasixio : In 2007, Deviant art offered me Corel Painter 8, but I was really lost with the new tools. So, I went back on photoshop. Today, I use photoshop CS6.

Question : Are you influenced (or think you might be) by what you hear from your patients at work?

Aquasixio : Not really, or not consciously. My paintings speak of what I feel.

Question : Your drawings often show a strong emotion, do you feel it during the painting process or before starting an illustration?

Aquasixio : A lot of emotion crosses my mind when I draw. Euphoria at the beginning then faltering stages between disappointment, doubts, euphoria and sometimes I abort the painting if I don't feel anything when I paint. My painting graveyard is well filled!

Question : Vous réalisez de nombreux tutoriels de peinture numérique, pour vous le plaisir d’enseigner est-il le même, voire supérieur à celui de créer ?

Aquasixio : I think I did them for myself. When I explain something it's like explaining something to myself, it's a way to learn more about me. Like the psychology, I never stop learning. Tutorials can prevent the creativity because they propose a unique framework, I think it's not a good idea to abuse of them or you need to use them with parsimony: it's just a tool.

Question : To go further than your tutorials about composition and picture references, have you thought about a tutorial based solely on the concept, the idea of preparing an illustration? Artists often lack intention in their work, it may be of interest.

Aquasixio : I did it; it's called IMAG IN ACTION, tutorial 12. It talks about my way of thinking the creativity. My next tutorial will treat about what can kill the creativity, what devours the inspiration and our energy, like setting up a too complex project, demanding too much of ourselves... It’s a kind of philosophical tutorial!

Question : Do you draw constantly, or do you feel some empty periods for several weeks?

Aquasixio : Yes, it's really curious, these time of emptiness are rare but insufferable, like a little death. In these times, it's like if I feel nothing, I have nothing to say and I think I will never create anymore. But, those times last only one or two weeks, because little by little I am touched again by life. Those times are inevitable, because I need a moment of emptiness to restart the process.

Question : Who is this little character you represent often with an arrow through his head? Is this you?

Aquasixio : Yes and no, I am not one character in particular or each one is a piece of me. I let you choose the one who I am.

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What would you think an online tutorial editor on Pixelitist? This would allow members to share their art expertise.

Aquasixio : If I have the time and the tool is easy to handle, I agree!

Question : Do you like an artwork especially on Pixelitist?

Aquasixio : I am really impressed by this one the dynamic, the colors...

Question : An artist you like most on Pixelitist?

Aquasixio : I like the work of Anna and ChangLei

Question : Finally, who would you like to see invited on Pixelitist?

Aquasixio : A lot of digital artists I like on deviant art, like RHADS, Arcipello, Loish, Tohad, Wlop, Algenpfleger, Alicexz, MartaNael, ... and many other !

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