First name: Ba Phong

Country: Germany

Studies: Architecture

About you:
Question : What did you study? Do you work now?

bofeng : Currently I'm doing an internship in an ad agency. I studied architecture just months ago but discontinued. I was missing art too much. I would love to work as an illustrator for diverse companies.

Question : You said you were from Germany, which town? How is life there?

bofeng : Yes, I was born and raised in Pforzheim, Germany which is pretty much on the border to the black forest. It’s a rather small city, but very nice and peaceful. I’m more of a metropolis person, though.

Question : Are there many digital art web communities - conventions in Germany?

bofeng : Not that I know of, but that’s also because I’m badly informed.

About your art:
Question : Sur Deviantart vous montrez un wip en utilisant Photoshop. Utilisez-vous exclusivement ce logiciel?

bofeng : Software-wise, yes. But I like to paint with pencil and brushes as well. I used to do sketches on paper and proceed with Photoshop. Today I pretty much use Photoshop only. There are many reasons: firstly it's convenient and time-saving to work with just one program. Secondly, I’m just lazy.

Question : Your rendering and coloring are very efficient; can you tell us some little tricks? For instance, what kind of brushes do you use, custom ones?

bofeng : At the beginning I was lost and overwhelmed with Photoshop (or paintings in general). I would spend hours and hours without any significant progress. Blame my perfectionism! I’m still learning how to keep my process simple and less complicated. My tip: start out simple and don’t fool around too much! Focus on the intention, save details for the end. Just like cooking (don’t play with food, kiddos). I like to try out different brushes. Most of them are available for free. There are tons of them on the internet, but I’m using a lot of the default brushes, too.

Question : Your sense of lights is very developed in your drawings; do you have some movies references where you especially liked lights?

bofeng : Thanks! I'm really glad about that. There are tons of ways to express emotions with highlights and shadows only. One source of inspiration worth to mention is Pixar. Pixar has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. Another inspiration is portrait photography. I’m a passionate photographer. A lot of that influences my style in art.

Question : Do you use a special layer for lights, like a layer in hard light mode?

bofeng : I like to use the 'Overlay' layer in Photoshop for strong and high contrast lights.

Question : We noticed among your characters two women: one with a butterfly and one with a leaf. Are they part of a specific story?

bofeng : The leaf is a symbol for Canada. I lived in Canada for a year and loved it. It’s such a beautiful country. One day I will return to stay. The butterfly is a symbol for reincarnation of the soul. I love to play with symbolism.

Question : Do you sell some of your artworks over the internet or in exhibitions?

bofeng : I haven’t got too much into it, but I definitely will. Stay tuned!

Question : Are you available for commissions?

bofeng : I do take commissions every now and then. Just let me know if you’re interested!

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What do you think about Pixelitist profiles? Do you often visit other artist pages?

bofeng : First off, I love the concept of enhancing popular artwork so they appear bigger than others and yes, I do visit other people’s pages. I know most of the folks from

Question : What is your favorite artist on Pixelitist?

bofeng : I don't have a favorite artists but rather favorite artworks of different people.

Question : What known artist would you like to be invited on Pixelitist?

bofeng : is a pretty new and young platform for artists. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to get more recognition. I’m looking forward to see amazing works and new talents that didn't get enough appreciation.

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