First name: Claire

Country: France

Studies: Edition Illustration 3D

About you:
Question : On your website you say you spent your childhood in Provence in France, can you describe this place that may have inspired you?

R.Firenos : I actually grew up in Provence, in an area particularly exposed to the wind with sun, sea and pine forests nearby. For inspiration I think this land has influenced me for warm colors and colorful environments, it was a very dynamic place. Flora and fauna were very abundant there, especially in the marine environment with a great diversity of fish and seabirds. We can find this source of inspiration on many of my works, as for instance Gull / Seagull and fish are often present.

Question : Have you always wanted to work in the illustration?

R.Firenos : As far as I remember, yes, or at least something related to art or manual: professor of art history, of painting, graphic designer or jeweler. Besides, it does not stop me now from giving some painting classes and starting the creation of jewelry.

Question : You say you are influenced by the Scandinavian tales, have you visited the North in order to enjoy the atmosphere of the stories?

R.Firenos : Unfortunately not, but I'd love to! I’ve mostly seen places and countries associated with the Celtic mythology.

Question : What is the meaning of your nickname Rubis-Firenos?

R.Firenos : It was my first role playing character that I brought on the internet! It was a dragon whose first name was Ruby, the Firenos came later in order to get a nickname more "complete" but in fact it was originally the name of the dragon’s tribe in connection with the role playing character. This nickname has been imposed by itself for drawing at the expense of another that I wanted initially!

About your art:
Question : Your painting technique uses coffee, how did you discover this medium?

R.Firenos : By pure chance! One day, I was lazy to get up to fetch a glass of water and I used the default coffee in my cup to paint. I found an interesting result and the same evening I had fun experimenting with it. I started alone testing various pigments, mediums, effects and I found the result even more interesting than watercolor (knowing that my favorite medium is watercolor which I practice since my childhood.) And one day, I decided to accommodate coffee with my graphic style and thus was born O Ka-Fée.

Question : Does using an original and natural material for your paintings bring you more inspiration in achieving them?

R.Firenos : This material allows me to express myself more freely than many other mediums! I’ve found a unique vibrancy, intensity and a particular complexity. I love challenges and coffee is a bit like chemistry, it has sometimes a mystical behavior and a wacky side that gives me fun. As coffee is also a lively and natural material textures can quickly inspire me various styles and renders ... it allows me to diversify my ideas and paint differently each time.

Question : How does coffee on a paper sheet, like watercolor?

R.Firenos : The principle of coffee is getting a stronger and pronounced texture than water, which is close to the watercolor technique without necessarily having the same approach. The principle is to make living a coffee spot to let its own material appear depending on the measure, sugar and components. At first I do projections of coffee, before injecting the pigment in the coffee spot (Powders, Colorex, Watercolors), then I let these pigments do their random distribution by themselves, sometimes adding new coffee spots to change the result. It is a kind of alchemy or cooking for every painting. Some watercolor-like textures occasionally appear (like salt, for example) but still with a little unique twist due to the strength of the components of coffee, they tend to trap and revive pigments. The slightest error in this medium even less forgiving than watercolor, can tarnish a painting more quickly and make it lose any interest. Coffee therefore behaves very differently from watercolor so you must have very good pigment knowledge if you want to start different coffees techniques…

Question : It is there one type of brushes or paper sheets specifically adapted for coffee?

R.Firenos : I use the same equipment in watercolor, but I pay attention to quality, because my coffee can quickly destroy a brush...This is also why I alternate with some synthetic brushes for some very thick solids.

Question : Sometimes you make videos where we can see the progression of your works, are they part of a specific long-term project?

R.Firenos : They are not part of a long-term project, it's just for fun to share and also show the progress of my traditional work.

Question : Have you tried other media than paper for your designs, such as wood or stone, for example?

R.Firenos : Yes! I do lots of paintings on driftwood about marine issues. If I find a media that tempts me like carton, wood of all kinds, stone…I try them often!

Question : What is the painting that gave you the more satisfaction?

R.Firenos : No one really! For me I'm still trying to find what I really want and alternate compositions, styles etc...

You and Pixelitist:
Question : You are among the first members of Pixelitist. What can you say about the current site from its beginnings?

R.Firenos : A very nice change anyway! Thank you for this site! There are more features, it is easy to handle and all artist levels can be found! There is a beautiful dynamic online gallery with passionate members.

Question : What(s) Artist(s) do you prefer on Pixelitist?

R.Firenos : A lot! I love what does Aquasixio for the dreamlike side, also Kirinoru, Sinvia, Allantiee and Jessica Sansiquet for traditional ... and many more!

Question : What do you think of a new feature which would allow artists to display videos on Pixelitist about their works?

R.Firenos : That's a great idea! I think it's always interesting to see how a person works; it helps us to rethink about our own methods sometimes.

Question : What non-registered artists would you like to see guest on Pixelitist?

R.Firenos : Elk (, Rozenng (, Sylwia Telari ( and Sieskja ( ! I'd love to invite others, but my list is so long!

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