First name: Sylvain

Country: France

Studies: Multimedia

About you:
Question : What studies did you do?

Tohad : I did not work very seriously until the bachelor degree then I went to school of multimedia & graphics. As in high school I spent my time designing video games rather than my studies, I got a little bored during graduate studies because I had a slight lead on learning software. But being with people who share the same passions is rather fulfilling and challenging. I also made a third year about 3D specialization which allowed me to graduate with a rather strong background: 3D and post production.

Question : You are currently living in Toulouse (France). Have you ever lived there?

Tohad : I spent my childhood in the suburbs and I joined the city center through the active life. Toulouse and its suburbs have influenced me for the scenery and colors of my illustrations. I feel quite unable to go to the North because I really need a maximum sunlight for my inspiration :)

Question : Have you always wanted to become a graphic designer? It is there some people from this domain in your family?

Tohad : Nobody in my family really has to do with the design or the arts in general. About the how and why of my profession, how I chose for me it's quite simple. In fact I’ve never had to think about myself; I was born with my passion for image. Since the nursery I wanted to be designer so I was fascinated by cartoons of the 80s and I've never tried to do anything else. Yet I am not especially good at drawing if we speak about "talent". This means that I need a lot of efforts to achieve a proper drawing whereas I saw all throughout my studies and my profession people particularly comfortable with the drawing techniques. I think my potential is much more oriented towards the idea than to the technique. Last years I realized that if I ever wanted to manipulate the image, it was firstly to tell things rather than represent something.

Question : You say on Pixelitist that you're working at Spark workshop, what are your tasks more precisely in this place?

Tohad : The Spark workshop is not really a studio; we are a group of graphic designers, illustrators and independent artists. We do not necessarily work on the same project even if we are highly complementary in skills. For my part, I work extensively for illustrations of novels, concept art for video games and video post-production for various clips and advertising animation. But I also spend a big part of my time working to achieve my comic "Neighbors of Chaos" and its publishing.

Question : Apart from drawing what are your other hobbies?

Tohad : Rowing and BMX. Rowing to spend me and BMX for the challenge to avoid pedestrians in Toulouse downtown when I go to my studio :D

About your art:
Question : Your pictures show a light management rather impressive, what is your secret?

Tohad : I worked for two years in an architectural firm as an illustrator, I realized many perceptual and concept arts to highlight the real estate projects. Making a sexy single residence without altering the building is a real challenge; it was an opportunity for me to work the seduction of an image by its light, its environment, its depth without necessarily relying on the architecture itself. Since it has become a reflex, I try to work the atmosphere of my images to make with some technical weaknesses. I try to make my surroundings as charismatic as a well-conceived and designed character.

Question : On your Deviantart you say you work with a Cintiq. Can you tell us something about its pros compared to a conventional tablet for example?

Tohad : This is a tool that I can’t live without, the big advantage is the much more accurateness compared to a conventional tablet. But do not see the cintiq as an imitation of the drawing on a sheet of paper; it’s just another medium with its qualities and defects. It takes time to adapt, but for me it is the perfect tool.

Question : In your presentation on Pixelitist, you say that you were engaged in the comics. When did you decide to create the "Neighbors of Chaos"?

Tohad : It's been a little over two years since I worked on the pages you can read on the website. But the story itself took me about six years to write before to reach a solid and coherent scenario. But if my first attempts on this comic back to almost a decade, the creation of the universe and characters of the Neighbors of Chaos back to even longer. The characters in question appeared for the first time when I started to make small video games during my free time at the beginning of my high school entrance.

Question : What were your sources of inspiration to build the world of your comics?

Tohad : The characters are all inspired by relatives or people I've met in my life, well at least for my studies. I seem to be unable to conceive a character from scratch and I cannot help to inject the personalities of people who have touched me into the protagonists of my story.

Question : Why did you choose the co-funding system to edit your albums?

Tohad : This is a question that deserves a lot of explanations, but in short, the classic comic book edition path is very constraining. Signing a project also means losing the freedom to distribute. I do not want to remove my pages with free access. If I spend so much time on my comic, it is not to restrict access to only two or three thousand copies of which may end up drowning in a flood of other albums in the same situation. Earn a good salary with my comic book would be the ideal situation, but if I write a story, it is for it to be read and not restricted to a certain number of copies. Going through co-funding allows me to stay close to my readers and this is something that I want to keep!

Question : What do you like most in the production of a comic book: drawing, writing the script, coloring...?

Tohad : Firstly the script. Then I love working on graphics research, the universe and the characters. But the rest is a chore for me: the penciling, inking, flat color areas, the shadows, etc. As I am someone quite impatient, I try to optimize each of these tasks to spend as little time as possible without neglecting my work.

You and Pixelitist:
Question : What attracted you to the Pixelitist website? Features, the concept...?

Tohad : The concept is more fun than usual and it leads each artist to focus on the others works.

Question : What do you think about setting up personal shops on Pixelitist?

Tohad : It seems to be a very good idea, but I must admit that I have just discovered this new feature :)

Question : What are your favorite artists Pixelitist?

Tohad : Those looking to stand out from the classic styles that are usually found in internet image boards! The more personality in treatment, the more it attracts my attention. I'm not necessarily looking for the technical qualities, but the strength of expression of an image. For names of specific artists, I find it hard to focus on anyone in particular among the people I’m subscribed to.

Question : Which artists would you like to see guest on Pixelitist?

Tohad : Katsuhiro Otomo !!

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