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Have a good weekend on pixelitist !
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I’ve been drawing for a long time, this passion became more important since the age of seventeen. In this period, japan animes were quickly expanding in France and the arrival of the Internet allowed me to meet with the other fan persons. Since, the influence of this Asian culture did not leave me any more.

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Thanks for passing by my account and give me a warm welcome... you have lovely works too by the way!
Galle 11/06/15 2:59 PM
Sorry, I was wrong to put a picture too small .. I would like to delete it and put the drawing of the exact size, but the drawings can not be deleted ... can you help me?
Lorenzo 07/17/13 5:26 PM
I just wanted to give thanks to your amazing work on this site. It's been an honor to join Pixelitist. I respect your commitment to improve this page and I have nothing else to say but to be more than satisfied with its result. Good job man! -bofeng
bofeng 06/08/13 5:23 PM
you have a great album!!
Jac 06/05/13 9:19 PM
Thank you : )) For me also ; D
Kirinoru 05/28/13 9:05 PM
is fan of

his fans are

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