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You may want to decorate your home with custom illustrations by me. Ask for an illustration commission and receive a file to print yourself or ask for a shipping.

: my Illustrations commissions are closed


You have an idea and you need to set it on paper, or you like rough-style artworks. Ask for a sketch!

: my Sketches commissions are closed


You like my way of colouring and you would like to see my colors on your works. Order a coloring commision.

: my Coloring commissions are closed

art trades

You would like to share your art with me, just ask! Art trades are a good way to improve your drawing level.

: my Art trades are closed


If you want to learn drawing, mentoring is the best way. Choose between single advices or regular mentorship and I will help you to become a great artist!

: my Art mentoring is closed

art Prints

You can order my online prints.

: my Art prints are opened

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art commisions

Art commissions are drawings you can order to your favourite artists. You can ask for any kind of drawing (portraits, fanarts, landscapes, imagination artworks ...) and pay for a unique and personalised work. Commissions can be done by art students, freelance artists and professionals who are opened minded to new challenges for individuals and little firms.

Opened commissions are available services, the artist enables you to contact him about them.

Closed commissions are unavailable services, the artist maybe won't answer you about them.

Attention : Pixelitist website is not responsible for any dispute between you and your art provider. Pixelitist shop purpose is limited to establish simple relations between sellers and customers.

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