Step 1

I work with Corel Painter 12 .. as a texture I took rust-3
The sketch I'm working with sharp pastel

image 1

Step 2

I put me first at all levels, for the background, face, blouse and hair.

For the background I suppose round soft pastel.

image 2

Step 3

For the face, I work with a round soft pastel, and with a pastelstift. The contours of the lips and eyes, I take as harsh pastel.

image 3

Step 4

The eyes I work with pastel pen, while I zoom pretty great to be able to work better.

image 4

Step 5

the final sprint :-))

once I make small changes to color and shapes. Finally, I'm the face, blouse and background with a glare Charcoul MT, in various sizes.

image 5

@ RoniArt ... thank you very much for your words... I am very pleased :-))
Jac 07/24/13 9:10 PM
Great job :)
RoniArt 07/24/13 7:57 PM