Step 1

Soft - Corel Painter

texture - rust3

sketch - pastel pencil


image 1

Step 2

the background is worked in the first step with oil pastels

image 2

Step 3

the face I interpret only very slightly with the color of..

image 3

Step 4

as a further step I take soft pastel

image 4

Step 5

For the hair, I take a wet acrylic brush .. so I make the first basic step.

image 5

Step 6

I also put the highlights with a wet acrylic brush

image 6

Step 7

Finally, I edit the background with Blender Charcoal MT as the face and hair. The blouse I've worked with soft pastels.

image 7

@ danielbogni....thank you so much, I am very pleased!!!
Jac 09/03/13 7:52 AM
Uow! Amazing Jac!
danielbogni 09/03/13 12:58 AM
@oliverlord.. thank you very much...:-))
Jac 08/27/13 4:41 PM
thank you for this wip Jac :)
oliverlord 08/27/13 2:48 PM