Step 1


Wacom Intuos

Art Rage


image 1

Step 2

I start the background with Art Rage

image 2

Step 3

With spots, I do some forms.

image 3

Step 4

In Photoshop now, I start to define the cat.

image 4

Step 5

Now I change the design of the cat, I think he is more nice so.

image 5

Step 6

More details in the cat and background

image 6

Step 7

The final touch in the background and some details in the cat!

I hope everyone like it!

image 7

Thanks everybody! Jac, I like more PS, but I really like the Art Rage too, PS is much more complete in terms of software, but Art Rage is more artistic in my view.
danielbogni 09/04/13 12:52 AM
wonderful album... which software you like more... artrage oder ps?
Jac 09/03/13 12:20 PM
Great wip!
oliverlord 09/03/13 9:42 AM
sweeeeeeet :)
RoniArt 09/03/13 8:36 AM